Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the conductor

God is love. I know that to be true. But then I look at the world and its moaning shout that something is terribly wrong. “Where is the love?” comes to mind. When I close my eyes, and open my hearts towards heaven, I hear the love melody of my heavenly Father. The love of God is oxygen to my heart, bringing me the life I’m desperate for. But I fear I don’t know how to let it out. While my natural body knows only how to breath in and breath out, I find my soul holding on to love, but not letting it go. Freely I receive, but do I freely give?  

If Jesus is the holy conductor of love, then I must learn the song he’s conducting. Its as if I’m content with playing my own tuning song, ignorant of the majestic music sitting before me.  It’s as if the whole world has unknowingly purchased tickets to this global symphony, but God’s children must pick up their instruments, join together in one chord, all eyes on our holy conductor. 

 The dust must be shaken off the music. I can’t worry about my instrument going out of tune. Just play. Play with everything inside of me. Play because the whole world is watching. Play because the music will set them free.  

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