Sunday, January 24, 2010

morning worship at the Habitation

This morning we lead worship at the Habitation. It was crazy-awesome fun....a highlight was singing about being undignified, and then the whole room going crazy, dancing and shouting. There's something about losing our cares with what people think about us, and just letting the passion inside us well up and come out.

And i learned something this morning....the term "lead worship" sometimes isn't appropriate. Today, the people at the Habitation led worship. Their hunger and passion so moved us, and all we did was put a melody and a rhythm to what was happening in the room. I love that. It’s pretty much what I love most about playing drums…when I look out at everyone’s faces, and just see so much passion, love, and adoration going straight to the Father.
Oh, and on a side note, you should all go to my facebook profile and watch the “dusty road” video from the Square Room concert the other month. This video is just hair-raising, in the best sort of way…God’s presence was so thick that night, and this song just captures so much of what’s in our hearts. I pray that this song will call the God’s wandering sons and daughters back to Him!

and check out - sweet new video from the Bijou concert this past summer.

Back to the studio…time for a night recording session with Andrea Carr and the gang. Good times.

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