Tuesday, August 5, 2008

poison ivy's wisdom

so my whole body is covered in poison ivy. This pretty much sucks. But its also kinda funny in a way. My skin has transformed from normal, healthy skin, to nasty, pink splotchy skin.

So i rented this movie yesterday....called the "notebook" - i know, everyone's seen it already, but i haven't. So i watched this chick-flic alone in all its glory. I was having a pity party for my poison ivy condition, and what perfect time to watch a chick-flic.

Admist the sappyness and Hollywood romance, I had this thought. True love is when my wife will love me, even when my body is covered in poision ivy, nasty pink splotches and all. When I watched the notebook, what stirred deepest isn't the desire to have a "Hollywood romance," you know the perfect romantic moments, the passionate makeup kiss, BUT to be totally accepted, even with all the junk in me. For someone to know everything about me, all my weakness, and to say, "yes, I still wanna spend my life with you." that's what I'm most excited about. Hollywood is fun to watch, but my bet is on that the kinda love I'm seeking will never fade. Right now, God is still showing me what my future wife is like, but i'm so excited for the day that I met her, whoever she is, so excited for the day that love becomes a choice, to totally choose someone to love, full acceptance.... So, you know what, poison ivy is teaching me something. haha. glory to God:) just come take this way ASAP!!!

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